Trampoline Park Safety

safety is our priority. no compromise.

Orbital Trampoline Park is a new breed of trampoline park, designed around safety and safer skills development

The park and it’s procedures have been designed by Simon Wilkinson, the UK’s leading consultant on safer trampoline park design and delivery. Simon is a founding member of the UK Sub Committee of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and continues to campaign for safer practices across the industry. Simon has also developed the global grading scale for classification of injuries in the market, and runs a free platform for the comparison of accident data for operators across the world. Simon further has consulted on the development of the latest British Standard (PAS5000) for trampoline park operation and manufacture.

In the design of Orbital Trampoline Park, every opportunity has been seized to ensure the latest possible safety standards are met and bettered.

Our Safety pledge to you: We will…

  • Always ensure our trampolines meet the strictest safety standards
  • Always employ, train and nurture a culture of excellence and diligence in our teams
  • Always ensure you are aware of the risks involved in our sport (Waiver)
  • Always ensure you are told how to best avoid accidents in our park (Safety Briefing)
  • Always ensure that rules for specific areas of the park are clearly posted
  • Always monitor our client behaviour in the trampoline area at a ratio of 1 Court Monitor to 20 Clients (1:20)
  • Always talk to you if we feel your behaviour may increase the risk of accidents to you or someone else
  • Always resolve to put safety FIRST! Even before customer service and sales.
  • Always review in detail any and all incidents and behaviours in the park and the wider industry to continue learning and developing better practices
  • Develop a pathway to ensure that we can facilitate safer skills development

We’re working hard to make sure we are leading the market in safety and best practice. If you feel there is something we could be doing better, please don’t hesitate to email Martin Holland.

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